Ok, so I’m not a very consistant blogger. I’m really more of a Facebooker. But anyway, I finally took some time to do it so here goes:

A friend of mine, Jenny, who I’ve known since preschool, and her fiance Nate decided to get married in Negril, Jamaica. So, of course they had to take us along with them to document their day and make some beautiful photographs for them! So, that’s exactly what we did.

First, Jenny & Nate took turns getting ready in their hotel suite at Couples Swept Away, located on Negril’s 7-mile beach.

At noon it was time for the ceremony on the beach. Everyone was barefoot (ya, mon!) and it was a beautiful, warm windy day.

Almost immediately following the ceremony we were all rushed off to a garden area in the hotel, where we were served appetizers, champagne, and cake, all of which were delicious!

After our snacks and drinks, we went back to the beach to take more photos.

I’ll write all about that in my next post, check back soon!


Seniors: Livia & Lauren

I admit, I’m a bit behind on the ol’ blog, but thanks to all this rain, I’m finally starting to catch up! Here are a few favorites from some high school seniors I shot way back in September! (when it was still warm and green, what a difference a month makes!)

The first is Livia, who is awesome. We started in Forest Park to get our standard pretty shots. But, Livia reminds me of the younger me, the concert chaser. This girl has met more bands than I have, so of course, we had to take some night shots in front of the Pageant. We got some weird looks from the locals, but it was definitely worth it!


Livia, Forest Park, September 17, 2009


Livia, The Pageant, Sept 17, 2009

Next is the lovely Lauren, shot in Forest Park. She picked a beautiful September day which also happened to be her 18th birthday. Once again I used my trusty willow tree, which really brought out her eyes and hair. The light and wind came together just right on the next one. Oh, and she’s got a pretty nice car too. Oh to be 18 again!


Lauren, Forest Park, September 27, 2009.


Lauren, Forest Park, September 27th, 2009


Lauren, Forest Park, September 27th, 2009

Exciting news!!!!

I’m proud to announce the official addition of Matt to the Vaeth Photography team!

Matt (my husband) has been watching what I do for years. Now that the business has been established for a while and is starting to grow rapidly, he has quit his day job to help me push Vaeth Photography to the next level. (After all, Vaeth is his last name) This past year, Matt has accompanied me on most of my weddings. Now I never want to shoot without him again. He is an extra pair of hands, ears, and eyes, some extra muscle power, my driver, and even a second photographer. His assistance allows me to shoot better, faster, and more creatively. In between shoots, I can now delegate small tasks and errands to him, so I have more time to focus on my clients.

What does this mean to you, the client? More creative images, faster turnaround times, more session availability, and an assistant/second photographer at every shoot.

Once you get to know Matt I know you’ll love him almost as much as I do. Welcome to the team, honey!

Matt posing for my light test in the wine cellar at our latest wedding shoot at Mt. Pleasant Winery (sneak peeks coming soon!)
Matt posing for my light test in the wine cellar at our latest wedding shoot at Mt. Pleasant Winery, September 26, 2009. (favorites from Andrea & Chris’ wedding coming soon!)

Every senior this season has rocked it and we’ve ended up with some great images. September 13th was no different. It was bright and sunny afternoon in Forest Park. It was even getting close to “magic hour” (the hour or two before sunset when the light is really sweet). Then, Jessica locked the keys in her car after an outfit change. Thank goodness for AAA, and her really patient mom. It provided some laughs and natural smiles for sure. Two of my favorite shots from Jessica’s session are below.

(Coming soon: Livia)

Jessica; September 13th, 2009; Forest Park

Jessica; September 13th, 2009; Forest Park

Jessica; September 13th, 2009; Forest Park

Jessica; September 13th, 2009; Forest Park

Vaeth Photography is movin’ on up, so it’s time to start a blog. I plan to use this blog to share recent news, photos, and stories. I want to share what I see, learn and love. More to follow soon. Any comments or suggestions are welcome, thanks for stopping by!